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Kazarte: The delicious crossroads of east and west

Our History

Our history is full of flavors, aromas and traditions that were bequeathed to us through an origin that steps with one foot in Istanbul and with the other in Italy. This heritage is tangible and intangible at the same time: they are recipes written by the grandmother's hand, which travel from generation to generation and are transformed into unique flavors. It is the warmth of the wood oven that burns silently all day and whets the appetite. It is the experience in the field of catering, which lasts from 1981 when we opened one of the first Athenian pizzerias. It is respect and love for the customer. All these marry harmoniously to create the art that is the second component of our name. The art of creating flavors that awaken memories and travel the mind.



"We travel to yesterday to bring flavors, aromas and exquisite tradition to today."

Our Philosophy

KazArte is not just a patisserie… It is a place where every moment has its own ideal taste. Thus, we created an all-day destination for those looking for the union of quality and variety. For lovers of oriental cuisine, but also for those who are excited about authentic Italian creations. For those who want to combine different worlds and discover new senses. For those who pay attention to detail, whether it is the blend of their coffee or the freshness of the ingredients of their dish. For anyone who just wants to remember the coolness that the Grandma's freshly squeezed lemonade. For you who are looking for something out of the ordinary!