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Flavors from East or West? 

There is a place where there are no such dilemmas! Welcome to KazArte, the boutique patisserie boulangerie that specializes in the art of unforgettable delicious wanderings. Give an energetic start to your day with your favorite coffee, freshly squeezed juice or grandma's lemonade, combined with a variety of pies and stromboli with handmade dough, which come out delicious and hot from the traditional wood oven. And if you want our flavors to accompany your special moments, we undertake catering services for any occasion. Because at KazArte, every moment has its own ideal taste!



If you want to enjoy your favorite KazArte flavors from the comfort of your home, a night with dear friends or for the "sweet" Sunday table with your family, now you can order your favorite sweets online! And for you who are planning a call, a celebration or a small event, in our e-shop you will find savory options that will satisfy even the most demanding.


Take a tasty lunch break or enjoy a hearty dinner. Tasty pizzas and fine spaghetti bring Italy to your plate and are accompanied by a cool glass of wine or an ice cold beer. For dessert, you can choose between tradition and modern pastry. From political syrups to imaginative versions of favorite recipes and genuine flavors of gelato ice cream, all our sweets are homemade and fresh.